You’re Still a Girl

My sweet friend, Jamie had offered some clothes to replace ones that I lost. Right away, she brought them over to my sister’s (actually to my sister’s neighbor, Nikki, who is also a friend) and later Nikki brought them to me. I didn’t get to look through them right away, and when I did get around to it, I found that she had not only brought over clothes, but a makeup bag, nail polish, a few necklaces, a devotional, and perfume samples.

Wow. How thoughtful was that?

Before I even thought about the need to replace things like that, here they are. When I sent her a text to thank her, she replied, “You’re still a girl and you need some girlie stuff.”

I don’t think I would have thought about including stuff like that, but man, I will now.


The Jean Jacket

A a few women from my single moms group got together the day of the fire and put together some must-haves for me. One of the items in the basket was a jean jacket.

I have had a jean jacket that I wore way too much. I mean it. I was overly ridiculous in the amount of times I wore that thing. I loved that jacket. In fact, I must have worn it SO much that when a seven year old went shopping with his mom at Target, he saw one and ran to tell his mom that she had to get this jacket for me because he knew I would love it.

I mean, guys. A seven year old. Noticed something I loved, knew I wouldn’t have it anymore, and wanted to get me a replacement.

It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

A Miracle

I had eaten dinner at a friend’s house that night. When I came home, I had a few things to discuss with my parents, so I came downstairs to the family room where they were watching TV. It was a pretty chilly spring day, so the gas fireplace was on and it was a comfortable place to be. That’s what I love about the family room downstairs, it’s such a comfortable room.

It began to get late and my parents headed to bed. I stayed downstairs half-way listening to SNL, while working on a few things on my computer. Around 11:30 I decided to head upstairs and go to bed myself. I turned the switch to the fireplace off, shut off the light, and started up to bed.

I took my time getting ready to bed because it felt like one of those nights that sleep would be hard to find. I laid in bed going over the events of the day.

Around 12:30, I heard my dad yelling. I made out the word FIRE. At first, the pain in his voice made me think that he was on fire, and that didn’t make any sense at all. I jumped out of bed and ran into the hall.

That’s when I heard him say that there was a fire outside on the deck.


Sure enough, running around to the living room, I could see flames licking up the side of the house, and busting through the sun-room’s window.

I don’t know what made my dad turn over in his bed and see the flames out the window, but I am pretty sure it was a miracle.