Are You Okay?

Above all, the most frequent question I get asked is: Are you okay?

The short, simple answer is yes. I am okay.

But it’s more complicated than that.

You see, there is a reason I am okay. There is one BIG reason that my family and I are okay – actually, we are more than okay. We are feeling blessed and even joyful in this tragedy.

Our faith is in the Lord.

The fire that destroyed our possessions, is an event that happened to us. It stinks, it’s a mess to deal with, and it’s inconvenient. Despite that, my family leans on and gets comfort from a God that is close to the brokenhearted.

I am so thankful that I grew up in a home that modeled this. Our family has seen our share of tragedies. Not as many as some, but plenty more than others. And each time a horrific event or hardship rolls around, we turn to God and His people for strength and support. It’s actually a really beautiful thing.

God has shown Himself in so many ways over the last couple of weeks. I cannot, nor will not be able to explain how much this has meant to us. There have been so many times when I have said (or thought to myself) this is a God Thing.

When we went through the house for the first time, I found the photo above of the Bible verse that was hung on my wall. Philippians 1:6. It was very poignant for me. God is not done with me, or my family, just yet. There is more work to do, and I plan on letting Christ use this experience to grow who I am and make me an influencer for Him.

I cannot tell you how many people have stepped up and helped out. Messages and cards and financial gifts being so freely given have truly been overwhelming. When I get emotional about the fire, it’s rarely because of anything we’ve lost, it’s when I think of all the people who have reached out, shared an experience, (There are a TON of people I know that have had a house fire! Okay, maybe a handful, but way more than I would have guessed before we had one ourselves.) invited us to stay with them, offered a meal, or sent a card or gift. Each person and group who have shown their love has touched our hearts.

This circumstance we are in, is not permanent. If you think about it, it is rather small in the realm of tragic things that could happen to someone. And if we, as Christians are truly living a life set on Heavenly Purposes, the things that we lost do not matter anyways. We are choosing to praise God through this storm, because just as storms pass, this too shall pass.

My hope and prayer is that others who are watching this story unfold will see God’s glory in all of this as well. May our family’s tragedy bring others closer to Him, or cause them to seek Him for the first time.

I wrote recently about the hope of spring, and referenced the connection to Easter coming up. Every year at this time, we are not only reminded of what Christ sacrificed through His love for us on the cross, but also that our God conquered death. That which seemed so tragic at the time, in the end showed the world that beautiful things come from the darkest of times.




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