What Do You Take?

When I realized that this was a real fire, I wasn’t dreaming, it wasn’t going to be put out, and that it was heading into Elliott’s (my youngest son’s) bedroom first, I stood at his doorway and blanked. I knew I should grab somethings that are precious to him, but I couldn’t think at all.

My mind did process that my parents were out of the house, my boys were not at home, so that was the most important thing.

If their lives were safe, what else was important?

I certainly didn’t know.

I finally made my legs move over to his dresser and grabbed a few stupid things: his shell collection that we had just put in a jar and decorated with the words ‘Elliott’s Do NOT Touch!’, his wallet-sized school picture that he wanted to get a special frame for, and his Darth Vader piggy bank. I also grabbed his new electric guitar and amplifier.

Talk about dumb.

I forgot his pillow pet and blankie. Two things I know he has a super soft spot in his heart for. I mean, I knew this, but because my mind had completely cleared I didn’t think of them at all.

Luckily, Elliott has forgiven me for not saving pillow pet and blankie. Amazingly, we have already replaced them, and he doesn’t seem nearly as upset as I had first feared he would be.

If you were faced with this situation, do you know what you would take?


One thought on “What Do You Take?

  1. I have ran it thru my mind many times “what I would grab?” But I think I would respond just as you did. We can never know until it happens. Hugs and love to you friend. 💕💕💕


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