Well, today was clean out day. I will write more about the events of the day later, but I wanted to briefly record the level of exhaustion my parents and I feel.

Tonight, it’ll be one week, and it’s been a long one.

After resting a bit on Sunday, and getting a few essentials for the week. I went to work each day, my dad went on Tuesday, and my mom went Tuesday, Wednesday, and half the day on Thursday.

We tried to keep the schedule as normal as possible, but needless to say, with the countless items on our post-fire to-do list, each day and night there was something that needed to be done.

Sleep didn’t come easy all week either. The first few nights were riddled with flashbacks, visions, phantom smells. Toward the middle of the week, I would collapse with exhaustion, but couldn’t stay asleep until morning.

I think it all caught up with us this afternoon after the clean up.

My mom and I went to grab a few things at Target, and I know I felt like a zombie. I was walking around the store with some vague knowledge of why I was there, but just going through the motions. At some point I had become conscious of the fact that I hadn’t blinked in a while, and that I probably had crazy eyes.

I know this feeling of exhaustion will pass, but I have a feeling we still have a ways to go.




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